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Help with gas bill

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Georgia Help In Paying Electric And Gas Bills

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Utility Assistance Programs

Electric, gas and telephone utilities serve millions of customers in Georgia, but there are many customers who can't afford gas, electricity or basic phone service without the help of payment assistance programs. Many electric, gas, and telephone utility companies offer payment plans to their customers who qualify. They may allow deferred payment for those who cannot pay their whole bill or delay disconnection for customers trying to pay their bills. Many civic groups, charitable organizations, and churches in local communities provide payment assistance to low income customers. For more information, contact your gas, electric, or telephone service provider.

Telephone Programs


Lifeline Assistance provides up to a $13.50 credit on qualified residential customers' bills in AT&T-Georgia's service area (a federal credit of $10 and an additional credit of $3.50 from AT&T-Georgia). Customers in other telephone companies' service areas receive the $10 federal credit.

Link Up Georgia

Link-Up Georgia reduces the cost of hook-up charges for eligible customers. AT&T-Georgia waives 100% of the telephone service hook-up charge for its customers. Customers of all other local telephone companies in Georgia receive a waiver of one-half of the connection charge or $30, whichever is less.

You may be eligible if you can prove that you are currently receiving benefits under onev of the following programs:

  • Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Food Stamps
  • Medicaid
  • Senior citizen low-income discount plan offered by the local gas or power company
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA)
  • Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

Call your local phone company to see if you qualify.

Electric and Gas Programs


The Georgia Environmental Finance Authority ( distributes funds for weatherization assistance through Community Action Agencies for the repair or renovation of homes of low-income residents to make them more energy efficient. For more information call 404.656.3826 or contact your local Community Action Agency.

Low Income Energy Assistance

Most electric and gas utility companies provide an efficient means for their customers to help needy individuals by making it possible to include charitable donations with utility bill payments. Georgia Power Company and Atlanta Gas Light Company match funding contributed by their customers.

The Heating Energy Assistance Team ("HEAT") program is administered by the Georgia Department of Human Resources statewide through Community Action Agencies. For more information call 404.656.6696 or your local Community Action Agency. Project SHARE is also a statewide program and is administered by The Salvation Army. For more information call 1.800.25SHARE or your power company's customer service number.

Senior Citizen Discounts

Senior citizen discount rates provide savings for those who qualify. Customers who are at least 65 years old with a total household income of not more than $14,355 annually, are eligible to receive a $14.00 discount on their Georgia Power or Savannah Electric power bill. Natural gas customers in Atlanta Gas Light Company's delivery area may receive up to a $14.00 discount. Call your gas or electric service provider for more information.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)/PSC Matching Grant for Seniors

As a resident of Georgia, you may qualify for a financial assistance program designed to help you pay your energy bills. Low-income consumers who meet the following criteria are eligible to receive assistance from the federally-funded LIHEAP.

  • Has an annual income at or below 150% of the poverty level for Georgia,
  • is responsible for paying the cost of his or her home's primary heating source, and
  • is a U.S. citizen or legally admitted alien.

For more information or to apply for assistance, contact the numbers listed below.

Phone Numbers for LIHEAP Assistance

Name Number
Department of Human Resources Fulton County and DeKalb County (inside city of Atlanta) 800.869.1150
DeKalb County (outside city of Atlanta), Gwinnett County and Rockdale County 404.929.2454
Augusta area 706.722.0493
Savannah-Chatham area 912.238.2960
Macon-Bibb County 478.738.3240
Other Financial Assistance Programs
  • The United Way, 2.1.1, or 404.614.1000
  • The Salvation Army, 404.873.3101, or 800.257.4273 - toll free

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please contact us.

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Missouri Help With Paying Gas And Electric Bills

If you need help paying your utility bills, contact one of these organizations.

 -   Missouri Weatherization Assistance Program - federal grant program established to help reduce the heating and cooling costs for low income persons through improving the energy efficiency of their homes.
 -   Missouri Low Income Energy Assistance Program - program to assist qualifying households with the payment of a portion of their residential winter heating costs.
 -   Black Hills Cares - provides funds to help people with their energy bills or emergency energy-related expenses.
 -   "Heat Share" program by the Salvation Army - provides assistance with heating and cooling bills, and when funds permit, with emergency repairs to furnaces, air conditioners and hot-water heaters. Contact your local Salvation Army location for assistance.
 -   Empire's Action to Support the Elderly ("E.A.S.E.") - program to assist seniors with their overdue electric bills.
 -   Project Help by Empire District Electric Company provides assistance to senior citizens and handicapped persons.
 -   "IShare" and "IRap" programs by the Independence, Missouri Power and Light Department assist low-income and seniors with their utility bills. Contact your Community Services League for assistance.
 -   "Dollar More" - program by AmerenUE assists lower income individuals with their utility bills.
 -   "Dollar Aide" by Kansas City Power & Light helps people in need pay their utility bills. Contact KCP&L for assistance.
 -   Energy Assistance program by Missouri Gas Energy provides emergency assistance to assist with payment of utility bills.
 -   DOLLAR HELP - a non-profit corporation supported by Laclede Gas Company that provides private funds to low-income, elderly, and disabled households to prevent the cut-off of the household's heat. DOLLAR HELP is available only if you have qualified for LIHEAP.

For information, contact:

St. Louis City & Wellston Residents - Human Development Corporation (HDC)652-5100

St. Louis County Residents - Metroplex, Inc. 863-0015
 -   Operation "Round Up" � program by several local power companies provides energy assistance funds to local non-profit organizations and individuals in need:
 -   Co-Mo Electric Cooperative
 -   Crawford Electric Cooperative
 -   Laclede Electric Cooperative
 -   Osage Valley Electric Cooperative
 -   White River Valley Electric Cooperative
 -   Caring Co-op Neighbors � a customer-funded program North Central Missouri Electric Cooperative to assist members who meet eligibility requirements. Members in need can receive up to $2,500 assistance annually. Apply through the Green Hills Community Action Agency or the Missouri Division of Family Services
 -   Make your home more energy efficient
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Utah Help For Paying Utility Bills


The Division of Public Utilities cannot physically assist any party with the payment of their utility bills. The Division of Public Utilities may intervene, and possibly mediate the informal complaint process where the utility may have violated Utah State Statute, Utah Public Service Commission Rules, or the Utility's published tariffs. The Division of Public Utilities can refer the party to programs administered by public agencies or in conjunction with the utilities themselves, that may assist the party in applying for utility payment assistance.


The HEAT program is Utah's version of the federal LIHEAP program (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program). funded 100% by the Federal Government through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and administered by the Utah State Department of Community and Culture (DCC). It is designed to assist eligible households to meet the rising costs of home heating by either electricity or natural gas. There is also a LOW INCOME WEATHERIZATION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM, administered by the same State office that can assist eligible parties to make their homes more energy efficient.

HEAT Information
How to apply
Application Instructions


This program is also administered by the Utah State Department of Community and Culture. It is administered through nine government and nonprofit agencies across the state, enables qualified low-income individuals and families to make their homes more energy efficient and reduce utility costs. Individuals, families, elderly people (age 60 or older), and the handicapped that are at or below 125 percent of the current federal poverty income guidelines are eligible for the Weatherization Assistance Program.

More Information.


This program is also administered by the Utah State Department of Community and Culture, and is designed to assist eligible households to meet the rising costs of home electric energy.

You can obtain more information about these programs by contacting Sherm Roquiero at (801) 538-8644, Rosalinda Tsosie at (801) 538-8621 or Eva Salazar at (801) 538-8642 with Community and Economic development or the Energy Hotline 1-800-662-3633. Click here to visit their website.

Salt Lake County:
      Heat 801-521-6107
      Weatherization 801-359-2444

Tooele County:
      Heat 435-833-9766
      Weatherization 801-359-2444

Utah, Wasatch and Summit Counties:
      Heat 801-377-0066
      Weatherization 373-8333 x 117

Davis, Morgan and Weber Counties:
      Heat 801-394-9774
      Weatherization 435-451-3256

Box Elder, Cache and Rich Counties:
      Heat and Weatherization 435-752-7242

Juab, MIllard, Sanpete, Sevier, Piute and Wayne Counties:
      Heat and Weatherization 435-896-9222

Beaver, Iron, Washington, Garfield and Kane Counties:
      Heat and Weatherization 435-673-3548

Dagget, Duchesne and Uintah Counties:
      Heat and Weatherization 435-722-4518

San Juan, Grand, Emery and Carbon Counties:
      Heat and Weatherization 435-637-7323



Under the Public Service Commission Rule R746-341-1 you may be eligible for a discount on monthly local phone service and one-time hook-up fees. It is funded through the Universal Services Fund (USF) approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the State of Utah. It provides a discount of approximately $13.25 a month for low-income households (135% of the federal poverty limit) with landline telephones and a 50% (up to $30) Link-Up discount for low-income households who desire to install a landline telephone in their home. As of June 2006, the Utah Lifeline program had over 29,000 participants.

More Information
Eligibility - Do You Qualify?
UTAP Application

Contact Information:
Shauna Springer 530-6433
Eva Salazar 538-8642


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California Resources That Help With Utility Payments

If you need help paying your utility bills, contact one of these organizations.

 -   Anaheim Public Utilities
 -   Burbank Water and Power
 -   City of Palo Alto Utilities
 -   Consumer energy center (for rebates, grants, and loans)
 -   Department of Community Services and Development
 -   Fresno EOC Energy Programs
 -   Kern County Programs
 -   Kings County Community Action Organization
 -   Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP)
 -   Madera County Community Action Agency
 -   Merced County Community Action Agency
 -   Pacific Gas and Electric Company
 -   Pasadena Water and Power
 -   Riverside Public Utilities
 -   Roseville Electric
 -   Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)
 -   San Diego Gas & Electric (SDGE)
 -   Southern California Edison
 -   Southern California Gas Company (SOCALGas)
 -   State of California Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (CAL LIHEAP)
 -   Make your home more energy efficient
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City Of Independence, Missouri Assistance With Paying Untility Bills For Low Income

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The City of Independence and the Community Services League offer several programs to assist senior citizens with utility bill payments. Here is a description of the programs and how to see if you qualify:

Independence Rate Assistance Program (IRAP)
This program is designed to help low income elderly or disabled people with their utility costs. Qualified citizens of Independence pay only 50% of the electric charges on their bill. This program is administered by the Community Services League, 254-4100. To qualify, you must:

  • Be at least 60 years old or disabled,
  • Live within the city limits of Independence,
  • Be the head of your household and have electric service with the City of Independence or Kansas City Power and Light,
  • Have a maximum income of all household members no greater than 150% of the poverty level as announced by the Health and Human Services Department,
  • Have resources not exceeding $3,000, excluding your residence and vehicle, and
  • Not own rental property.

Home Weatherization
You may be able to lower your utility bills by making improvements to your home. Community Services League offers assistance to qualified people, including senior citizens, who want to make such home improvements as adding weather stripping around doors and windows, adding insulation, etc. For information, contact Community Services League at 254-4100.

Sanitary Sewer Discount
The City of Independence offers a one dollar discount to qualified persons who receive social security or similar retirement benefits. For more information, contact Utilities Customer Service at 325-7930. To qualify:

  • Your water use must be between 100 and 400 cubic feet per month during winter months, and
  • You must provide proof that you receive social security or similar retirement benefits at age 62 or over.

Late Fee Waiver
The City of Independence may waive the late fee for customers who have social security or similar retirement benefits as their sole source of income. To find out if you qualify, contact Utilities Customer Service at 325-7930.

If you need assistance paying your utility bill, please contact Utilities Customer Service as soon as possible. It is much easier for our staff to work out a payment plan with customers who are current on their payments, rather than trying to find ways to make arrangements when the bill is already delinquent.

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About Kat589

I am a single mom of 2 small children, my gas is shut off and winter is coming. My bill is around $2800, I have already contacted LIHEAP, Salvation Army, and local churches and so far I can't get any help. I work a full time job and I am applying for a second full time job just so I can get this taken care of. If anyone can help at all please email me at

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About Candystadpole

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Help with Heating Bill

I recently lost my job and had my first child the same time. Due to the lack of work in Michigan, all my bills suffer. The worst is my electric/gas bill. It has reached over $700.  Me and my wife try our best to give our baby everything she need on or next to nothing budget buy it hard to keep paying the rising cost of energy when Me, my families main source of income lost my job due to cut backs. Please if anyone could help Me and my family would greatly appreciate it.




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